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****Named a Top 10 Literary Travel Book for 2016 by Booklist! ****

Get the book endorsed by President Jimmy Carter!

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“Embracing Cuba will certainly provide you with a vivid kaleidoscope of 

 images and description of what to possibly expect from your own first encounter. Author Byron Motley’s combined photographic and narrative skills create a succinct and evocative journey that transports the reader into those sides of the island life and legacy that engage him most powerfully”. – InselAir Magazine


“These beautiful photographs bring back many memories of my homeland of Cuba - my people, my childhood, and so many beautiful moments that passed growing up in my beloved land.” -Yasiel Puig, Major League All Star Outfielder


 "Motley’s photographs are vivid, varied and beautiful. This is a perfect coffee table or gift book". 

- Manhattan Book Review


 "In revealing photos, “Embracing Cuba” by Byron Motley offers a portrait of the Cuban people and their daily lives". - Sacremento Bee

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